About us

Posserwis offers comprehensive support for chains of retail outlets and sales support/brand promotion materials.


It is our intent to render a comprehensive service to our customers– starting from the construction of premises, according to the design and the installation of equipment. And when the circumstances require, we can also restore the premises back to their original condition and remove any unnecessary equipment. We also offer renovations, reconstructions and adaptations.

Throughout the entire operation of sales points, we offer comprehensive services related to the maintenance of all installations. We also supply consumables and spare parts, allowing our customers to streamline their procurement, warehousing and logistic processes.


We offer our customers logistic services, installation, maintenance during operation, removal and disposal. Materials used cyclically are stored in permanent and operational warehouses, where they can be renovated and repaired before the next action.

During the execution of the orders, we monitor the correct use of the materials, we verify the databases related to locations, and we provide design guidelines for product development. On the customers’ request we also provide training in the scope of handling the materials.



All activities are performed at a time suitable for the customer. Our scope of services also includes emergency express interventions.


The management of all of our business activity is supported by our proprietary IT platform. It allows the submission of service requests, verification of the order execution status, the post-execution documentation to be checked and defined reports and statistics to be viewed.

Since the very creation of our company we have constantly been perfecting our activities and procedures.

Our management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Our business is not limited to Poland. We also perform tasks in many European countries and perform activities covering several countries or even entire regions.

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