Construction and repairs

The opening of a new company retail outlet is a significant marketing and organizational/logistic effort for each company. The process can pose many challenges – especially if many points are being opened at a similar time.


The large number of our expert teams allows us to perform all construction works, according to the customer’s design, in an efficient manner. The above also applies to all installations required on the premises. The entire process is performed in compliance with the construction laws and regulations. After the completion of works, we develop comprehensive as-is documentation with all trade-specific agreements to facilitate the acceptance process.



We also provide our customers with repair services. The scope of works may even include the complete renovation of the premises, including the replacement of all installations. It can also take the form of modernization, limited to the repainting of interior walls. The works are performed in the shortest time possible, so as to minimize the time when sales are not possible at the given point. In the case of smaller works, we operate in such a manner so as not to hinder the work of the outlet. We also help with the seasonal changes of store window arrangements, where some finishing works might be required.


A special part of our portfolio are works related to the modernization of lighting installations. With our long experience in the reconstruction of the lighting of facilities into energy-saving systems, we can offer our customers the opportunity to significantly cut their energy costs.

We guarantee not only the standardization, but also the synchronization of works related to the installation of store equipment. During installation we operate in an efficient and competent manner. We can match different solutions together, especially if unexpected occurrences happen.

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