We offer suitable supervision over the entire electrical installation on the premises. We perform electrical measurements, and inspections of equipment and switchboards with the use of thermal vision. The know-how and experience of our service engineers make them the best team for the task.

We also perform professional lighting maintenance, aiming to keep it in perfect operational condition. We respond to failures, perform ongoing repairs and reviews, and program and commission the lighting control systems. We supply light sources ordered by the customer. Our lighting materials are offered at competitive prices.


We offer professional maintenance of air conditioning systems. The service covers all devices, installations and ventilation systems. We perform: the cleaning of indoor and outdoor units, removal of fungus, inspection of the cooling agent level and de-clogging of the condensate drain.


We repair all faults in the water and sewage installation. We provide maintenance and overhauls, and in the case of blockage, we find out why it occurred in the first place. We offer all kinds of repairs of equipment and furniture kept on the premises.

We service all types of shop window systems, together with blinds and doors.Serwisujemy wszelkiego rodzaju systemy witrynowe, wraz z roletami i drzwiami.


The standard operations offered within the framework of technical support are: checking the data integrity on disks, removal of viruses, warranty and post-warranty service for purchased computer elements and equipment, repairing operational faults software, operating systems or computer subsystems, and network control.

We also provide consulting in the scope of hardware and software purchases and the application of technical solutions.

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