Sales support and brand promotion materials (POSM)


We have an extensive transport capability, allowing us to transport products to any point of sale within the country in a quick and efficient manner. The Customer materials may also be stored in our warehouses throughout Poland. We also have two central warehouses in Krakow and Radom.


We offer the installation of all kinds of POS materials: advertising racks, displays, light boxes, promotion support stands, exhibition and visual identification systems for company stores, shop windows, information boards, etc. Installation orders are performed in a quick and expert manner to optimize the customer’s expenditure. Our teams are located throughout Poland, allowing us to perform large-scale promotional actions at one time.


We provide comprehensive maintenance of POSM both in the place of installation and in our operational warehouses. It includes a visual inspection of the technical condition, cleaning, conservation and repairs. We also offer express services in the case of failure or the damage of the product posing a risk for the customers’ safety. 


On the request of our customers, we remove the  installed materials and restore the location to its original condition. We can also dispose of the removed products in compliance with the valid regulations.


To minimize the cost of the use of POS materials, we provide training in their handling. These are offered especially to the personnel of the points of sales.

Repair interventions frequently allow the design faults of products to be pinpointed, which result in damages and failures. Such conclusions in the form of concise reports constitute valuable information for companies designing and producing POSMs and are immediately sent to such partners.

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